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Inner Vision

Magic of Inner vision
Part – I
Ambling across in a Mall last weekend, I happened to come across an Electronic outlet displaying a large flat screen TV which had a UHD tag supporting 4k; which in real terms translates as an Ultra High Definition Television with a resolution that can support content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. My thoughts went across to my own eye, a small human eye that is so conscious to the colour variations that it has a capability of identifying about 10 million colours! Not merely the colours it can view objects in varying light conditions and can perceive distances and depths that makes our overall viewing experience many decades advanced than the existing gadgets and projection systems
The same is true of every human organ and here I am not going to explain the technical aspects of the human eye, but its connection with the human brain that makes life so much more exciting and colour filled. But what would a blind person see? A person born blind may not see anything at all or may not comprehend the sense of light or shades. However, a partially blind person may see some shreds of grey or off white shades. People who had eyesight in earlier part of their life and eventually went blind due to surgery, accident or disease may, despite their blind conditions, do not see black as one might imagine. But for them, it would be shades and patterns of variant colours that keep floating in their minds.
Our lives are in some strange way a walk from darkness to light. Those who can evolve to see through their hearts would start seeing vision of a different dimension. Of what use are the eyes that only see what light reflects on surfaces? A man with good eye sight sees what the world looks like in terms of colours, shapes, shades and patterns but what a blind man perceives is a completely different dimension of existence. I broach on this analogy to reiterate that human vision is much more than what we perceive. Each signal transmitted from the eye reaches the brain and the resultant picture, shape or shade is what comes to be recognised as the side of light. Now if you invert your vision into darkness and imagine that you turn into a bat or an owl, your sensory perceptions may change to a medium of ultra sound and start calculating distances or patterns to make out a figure, shape or texture.
Tuning further beyond science, imagine a situation when you tune your sixth sense or psyche to see objects or pictures of life. There would in all practicality be a phase when you have visions different from the ordinary. Apart from the sensory perception of sight, the power of hearing (sound), smell, touch add to our understanding of our environment and how about the power of speech! I go a step further and integrate the invisible ultra violet rays, radio waves, magnetic fields and the least understood psychic channels to accentuate our power of knowing and experiencing what we bump into during our active life.
With practice and experience higher channels of communication open up before us. It is like tuning to the right frequencies to see what others cannot see. Some may not believe in this at all, while there may be some who not only believe but travel and experience this state at various stages of inner consciousness. While a hypnotist may be able to put his subject to sleep and be able to communicate during the process of inducing a hypnotic spell but there are various other means through which we can cross over to other side and be able to be aware of a state of mind. Transcendal meditation is one of such ways of communicating to others without the means of wired or electronic means.
It is said, Mind is our inner eye. It has no definite place of dwelling. It can remain within our body or float out beyond notional borders to see what others cannot ever see or feel. In its highest realms through this inner eye we can achieve what others cannot achieve in a human state.
We often see predictions coming true. We come across individuals who can perform extraordinary feats through their sheer practice and skill. Many are said to have inherited ‘at birth’ amazing talents. There are still another section of people who hold immense power to change the world through their psychic and invisible energies. They however never bring into public domain such powers.
I believe every individual inherits a certain degree of such X-factors at birth. However worldly pursuits do now allow them to draw out such energies perhaps they may even not know that they hold such powers! It takes a concerted effort on the part of an individual to develop the skill to unveil such factors residing with him. This is possible through Inner Vision. A vision that enables a man to feel and experience a world beyond given realms of existence. Magic of inner vision is an amazing experience to travel through the world. It helps one to touch other human beings with love, compassion and trust which makes a bond possible. Such a vision is absolutely natural and does not have any ulterior motives.
Imagine one being able to fully absorb the marvellous creations of nature. Mountain, trees, streams add to it the capacity to experience the dimensions that can fully realise the potential of human that is rarely being done by us today. Are we aware of other dimensions?
In Physics the Kaluz-Klein theory is used a dimension that unifies gravity with electromagnetic force. Known as the fifth dimension it is a hypothetical additional dimension that goes beyond the three spatial dimensions (from a particular point in space the three physical dimensions will be (a) up/down (b)left/right (c) forward/backward and the dimension of time of Relativity. It is being understood by physicist that ‘Graviton’, a particle that carries the force of gravity has the ability to ‘leak’ into fifth or higher dimensions that lead it to get weaker than the other three dimensions. Does a human body and mind play with dimensions or tailor itself to channelize energies to travel through these dimensions?
Very few humans, as individual entities may fully understand the dynamics of mathematics. But Mathematics as a science of understanding the dimensions of numbers, quantities and space through abstract concepts (pure mathematics) or as a realm of applied segments used in physics or engineering is continuously being used by human bodies. Steig Larsson in his second book of the Millennium series, ‘The Girl who played with Fire’ provides insight into the dimensions in Mathematics that travel through number theory, analytics of complexity, spherical astronomy but do we ever realize that numbers and signs Mathematicians try to understand and decode our universe is naturally experiences by human psyches in a different dimension!
Emotions play an important part of our existence. Leaving the scientific analysis deciphering human emotions in its various dimensions we can bifurcate it in terms of Awareness, Analytics, Analogy, Assimilation and Application.
Awareness means understanding our state of mind, being aware of our emotional positivity and negativity, knowing the signals of our thoughts and being able to provide a response. Analytics on the other hand is untangling the web of sorrows or set backs, putting to a state of rest the upset mind, managing impulses, keeping a positive bearing and coming out of negative situations. Analogy is learning from the past experiences and setting future landmarks with perseverance and reaching the flag post. Assimilation treads into the psyche of nature, humans and animals through intense understanding of their feelings and state of minds thus creating an ideal state of exchange of responses. Application is the fifth and final dimension of emotional intelligence that integrates us with our inner vision that integrates our understanding of the universe and vice versa.
We are easily overawed at what humans create with their scientific, physical and intellectual strength. But do we comprehend the power a human holds if we transgress the known boundaries of intelligence and travel a spiritual path (not strictly from a religious point of view) but moving beyond structured layers of objective ideas?
Do we ever perceive the magnetism and depth of Love? The bond of affections or the distance human civilization can travel through Peace? Inner vision is a unique space and path that provides us the wisdom to comprehend. Some may call it conscience; some others may call it an impractical discovery of a desolate mind. As the first step, a sincere walk through our memories, dreams and experiences can easily help us locate our purpose of taking birth. Building up further, our sacrifice, surrender and sincere bond with the universe shall take us nearer to the store house of inner vision. The third and final step is integration of our mind with our souls. Here starts a fascinating journey to the other end of the space. A Space which helps you touch the un-touched and let you Feel the un-felt.
This, I would say is be the magic of inner vision, a vision that shall help you realize the sanctity of your birth and purpose of your journey; A vision that helps you see the past and decipher the future!
Continued in Part 2 : The Power of Words

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