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Lost in Capital

  Delhi used to be a shining hub of Music, Culture and Art Festivals till a few decades ago.   Un-regulated growth, pollution and negativity is today gnawing up the very roots. Owing to altered security scenario and priorities, Delhi has transformed from being a cultural paradise in the past to a painful reminder of what decay would mean to a creative mind.   The name Delhi evokes different responses in the minds of people from all over the globe.   For some it is today one of the most populous and polluted capitals in the world.   Yet, Delhi used to be a clean and green city that was the hub of music, culture and art celebrations till a few decades ago.   Its carefully manicured heart, sprawled with green vistas and fruit bearing trees, found mention amongst the best cities in the world. Hailing from an agrarian backdrop in Palakkad, Kerala, destiny brought me to Delhi in my early years. Transgressing the borders of time and stuck deep in a quagmire of professional compulsions