Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Home Coming

Do you wait for someone in your life to come and change the way you look at yourself? Do you find yourself changed after their visit? Do you have guests?

People today are losing the sense of time. Chronometers may display digitized images of numbers or signs and minds may be seized of an urgency reflecting lack of it though! There is no time! To be departing before arrival may sound cryptic but it is exactly what is happening to people around. There is a general lack of interest in a place, person or event which is supposed to be focus point and the person arriving or taking it up is more engrossed with what he is supposed to be doing next after the task in hand gets over.

Three decades ago when a close friend who had settled in Paris remarked, ‘Relatives or Friends are supposed to take appointments to visit each other’ there, I did not believe him. Rather, I was flabbergasted. Today, I realize the same is happening to everyone around me.

Athithi Devo Bhava (Guests are equivalent gods and have to be treated so) has been our tradition but today I find that the respect, love and sensitivity of handling guests are changing with times. Except hotels and commercial establishments, rest of the segments of social activities ‘guests’ are turning out to be parasites or unwelcome visitors if they tread in uninformed.

I believe it is our heart that decides finally.

There are people who bring in a whiff of fresh breeze to our lives. People who are so loving and sincere that the very thought of their being around makes us happy. What can possibly happen if they arrive?

When they arrive we forget the sense of time. We choose to leave our egos behind. They become a reflection of our likes, our desires, our yearnings. They transform into elements of our attention, part of our own selves. They become one with us. They no longer remain guests or visitors.

They are people for whom we are willing to wait a lifetime. We love their company. We cherish the moments of sharing. We find the sparkling joy in their presence. They care and heal our sorrows. We lost the sense of time once again.

Their arrival signifies we cherish the magic of creation. The desire of our hearts, wishing them to stay on, turn into a prayer yet they have to leave.

They are not guests. They are part of our lives; our souls; Our Conscience
Our homecoming.


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