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LIGHT A WAY..(the B&W challenge…Light Series) 19/7/2011:22:10 B L A C K C A L B | W H I T E T I H W jpkallikkal©2011

K indling desires enshrined in magic J aded night encumbered disguised A mbers of ache submerged insipid A mbling heart unheard unfeigned R iveting passions ensconced in practice Y outhful catharsis ever disguised E ffigies of past dodgy and dreary A ppealing peace surreal - denied N omadic passions unwinding ivy of poison P retentious warnings unspoken unsigned K inetic zealots thrusting spinning R ivulets of storm unbridled, un-timed H eartless illogic so deafening A cidic turpitude unspoken - un-fined A nother doomsday in darkness K isses of ecstatic joy denied? W illowing magic decreed stillness A cerbic mind submerged, sublimed A erobic beats of a heart restless S ilently bruised, bleeding, so mimed J uxtapositions needles of timeless

LIGHT A WAY..(the B&W challenge…Light Series) by Jaya Prakash Monday, July 18, 2011 at 8:00am

Light a way Oh breath! Let the phantoms fly Black cloaked daggers Pumping pain insane Light a way Oh stealth! Let a spirit smile Ebony foams of fancy Pensive pale so dried Light a way Oh wealth! Mountains of desire Melt away the dread Oozing fountains so mired Light a way Oh Birth! Let me cry again Spirited white lotus Let it smile again Light a way my death Let it ignite again Passions of hidden glories Burn it bright again!