Sunday, July 24, 2011

LIGHT A WAY..(the B&W challenge…Light Series) 19/7/2011:22:10 B L A C K C A L B | W H I T E T I H W jpkallikkal©2011

Kindling desires enshrined in magic

Jaded night encumbered disguised

Ambers of ache submerged insipid

Ambling heart unheard unfeigned

Riveting passions ensconced in practice

Youthful catharsis ever disguised

Effigies of past dodgy and dreary

Appealing peace surreal - denied

Nomadic passions unwinding ivy of poison

Pretentious warnings unspoken unsigned

Kinetic zealots thrusting spinning

Rivulets of storm unbridled, un-timed

Heartless illogic so deafening

Acidic turpitude unspoken - un-fined

Another doomsday in darkness

Kisses of ecstatic joy denied?

Willowing magic decreed stillness

Acerbic mind submerged, sublimed

Aerobic beats of a heart restless

Silently bruised, bleeding, so mimed

Juxtapositions needles of timelessness

Heavenly rain bowing spectrum, so white

Anaerobic black moments trickling tear-drops

In darkness, a frozen sun shines!

LIGHT A WAY..(the B&W challenge…Light Series) by Jaya Prakash Monday, July 18, 2011 at 8:00am

Light a way Oh breath!
Let the phantoms fly
Black cloaked daggers
Pumping pain insane

Light a way Oh stealth!
Let a spirit smile
Ebony foams of fancy
Pensive pale so dried

Light a way Oh wealth!
Mountains of desire
Melt away the dread
Oozing fountains so mired

Light a way Oh Birth!
Let me cry again
Spirited white lotus
Let it smile again

Light a way my death
Let it ignite again
Passions of hidden glories
Burn it bright again!

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