Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cosmic Twin

Cosmic twin/jpkallikkal©2015
Mirror is said to show it all
Nature still is a stranger’s call
Seated in a corner rest
Some thoughts put logic to test
Destiny takes you to alien places. It also brings one face to face with new situations and makes you meet absolute strangers. Time as fourth dimension trudges on, marking each moment in your life as an event sequenced through the past into the future. I often wonder if destiny and history have some connection or if past has a distinct and common connection to the present or the future.
I see mirror as a reflection of a truth you are, yet it also transcends the borders of imagination by crossing the transient to the perpetual. Travelling further, we are confronted with new situations and new people who begin to look familiar after sometime of sharing. Yet, as we settle down permanently at one place or with a person, in some vague moments of weakness, our hearts jump out seeking new places and people, some that fit in exactly like a note of music we had always wished to hear. Such an embedding of patterns in our psyches, make us question the law attraction that defies logic etched by our thoughts and behaviour.
Some songs, few words born
Reminiscences of bereft bygone
Carefree, gay, left away
Memories like stacked dead hay
It so happens that you meet someone, an absolute stranger, who seems so known to you that every aspect of his/her speech, thought and action is sketched as a pre-marked Etch in your mind. In Hindu mythology is said that a person has six clones in other parts of the world. In essence it is thus believed that there are seven identical entities born at a single moment.
In music, some tunes stick to our souls. Some notes seem very familiar due to their close resemblance to similar notes in other songs. Yet combination of words of each song makes that it distinct and beautiful. Human souls are such combination of notes. Memories on the other hand are like untouched desires that probe through the lyrics in search of an association or link to some forgotten notes of music. Songs that may have left you lonely, happy or sad at some point of time! Are such reminiscences stacked and stored like dead hay? Perhaps kept dry for being used on some other day!
It rains intermittent slow
Like Myyazhi’s slow flow
Words resting like little birds
Perched alone in yesterday’s tone
Like dejavu, situations, places, fragrances and faces, return to haunt us, teasing our memories. They may take you to an edge of time which seems to be happening exactly the same way it had happened before! You meet people with whom you feel absolutely comfortable. People so naturally connected that they seem to be part of you in some way.
While the rains bring back thoughts and germinate feelings that ebb and flow like river Myyazhi (A river in Mahe), Words can soar, glide and flap their imagery like birds ending up seated in loneliness reminding us of the bygone. As we scurry around to clutch onto our present, it turns into our past within moments and also our future. This brings forth a period of emptiness we feel like drawing back from; Experiences of our past and reliving such memories in the mirror of time.
Step out, travel, tread along
Take your heart where it belongs
Zodiac, Stars, tides can bring
Reflections real, like your Cosmic twin.
Human emotions change like hues of the sky. A rising sun in shades of orange turns Golden and as dusk approaches it turns crimson red and eventually ambers die down in the night sky. If we listen to our minds, joys of travel and moving out of our hearths eventually reflect time frozen in our memories and make us realize that we need to move on. If we listen to our hearts, we tread the line of excitement, adventure and passion to ultimately be one with our desire and stay on in eternity, a true reflection of our loving awakened self. Yet sometimes the constellations and designs of nature bring us face to face our reflections and destiny. A new place you reached today could be a place you were destined to be and perhaps were present in some other time period. A new soul you met today could be the face you had always yearned to see! A face so similar that even the mirror you peer into would reflect on its surface an image of your cosmic twin!

Cosmic twin/jpkallikkal©2015

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