Thursday, May 23, 2019

Dark Chocolate

When you are restless, distraught or depressed don't go in for that piece of dark chocolate….read this:

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love:

            The first look, the first touch of something created by nature is enough to shape our present and our future.  It has been scientifically proven that a new born baby has the capacity to differentiate between individuals.  As we grow up our needs and desires centre around things that we love: materially or emotionally tangible or intangible.  We work towards reaching our goals no matter how trivial they seem to be but we generally end up doing what we love to remain happy lest we struggle with our frustrations and miseries and attribute them to our misfortune and fate.

Target setting and your life notes

To be happy in life, to reach our targets we need to set out with objectives that should reflect positively in Life notes (A folder containing your personal targets).  To be happy and to be able to touch the rainbow of life that one aspires for, one should keep in mind the following:

1.         Have a clear vision of your efforts and results expected
2.         Creatively energizing and inspirational targets
3.         Self limiting and time controlled parameters
4.         Self synchronizing and time barred limits

Sections of your life notes should clearly demarcate your needs in relation to:

1.         Private and personal enhancement goals
2.         Economically and financially viable goals
3.         Psychological and bodily empowering goals
4.         Interpersonal and socially enriching goals
5.         Godly and spiritually uplifting goals

Eleven steps to rejuvenating Life can be practiced to reach your goals in a smooth and satisfying manner:

1.         Justified Silence
2.         Physical calm
3.         Knowledge integration
4.         Abundant freedom
5.         Latent personal reflection
6.         Lenitive morning awakening
7          Infinite Musical experience
8.         Kindling the Spoken word
9.         Keeping a congruent character
10.       Ample Simplicity
11.       Learning the art of self-empowerment

It's always fun to be in school, where the essence of life is innocence.  Whether as a teacher or a student….  Remember the time you left school and were in college, perhaps you wished, 'You could be in school again'….Amen….so you are back to school !

But when you left College did you miss it?.... We miss what slips out of our hands, like time….we fail to be happy with what we have in our hands… Life!

Love Life while Living it!

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