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Do you Pine for...

DO YOU PINE FOR…. Do you pine for ….. A place, a person, a moment A tangible object, an intangible feeling! A long walk could be as exhilarating and liberating as a session of serene serenade on the beach of the sea or a session of yoga on a mat. No I am not going to talk of exercise or a work out. I write this after my toe stepped on an innocuous looking object while on a morning walk yesterday. New Delhi is chilly and hazy in winters and seeps into a tormenting pattern of summers soon afterwards. However a few weeks of bliss engulfs the city spliced between these two extremes, the Spring! Long walk across expansive grass turf is bliss in such a season. If the esplanade is dotted with pine trees still better. Shade giving and aromatic, these trees with their distinct foliage provides the much needed succor to a mentally depressed city dweller during times of stress. Belonging to genus Pinus, Pines are conifer trees that has more than 126 species found across the globe. In

Inner Vision

INNER VISION Magic of Inner vision Part – I Ambling across in a Mall last weekend, I happened to come across an Electronic outlet displaying a large flat screen TV which had a UHD tag supporting 4k; which in real terms translates as an Ultra High Definition Television with a resolution that can support content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. My thoughts went across to my own eye, a small human eye that is so conscious to the colour variations that it has a capability of identifying about 10 million colours! Not merely the colours it can view objects in varying light conditions and can perceive distances and depths that makes our overall viewing experience many decades advanced than the existing gadgets and projection systems The same is true of every human organ and here I am not going to explain the technical aspects of the human eye, but its connection with the human brain that makes life so muc

Cosmic Twin

COSMIC TWIN Cosmic twin/jpkallikkal©2015 Mirror is said to show it all Nature still is a stranger’s call Seated in a corner rest Some thoughts put logic to test Destiny takes you to alien places. It also brings one face to face with new situations and makes you meet absolute strangers. Time as fourth dimension trudges on, marking each moment in your life as an event sequenced through the past into the future. I often wonder if destiny and history have some connection or if past has a distinct and common connection to the present or the future. I see mirror as a reflection of a truth you are, yet it also transcends the borders of imagination by crossing the transient to the perpetual. Travelling further, we are confronted with new situations and new people who begin to look familiar after sometime of sharing. Yet, as we settle down permanently at one place or with a person, in some vague moments of weakness, our hearts jump out seeking new places and people, some that fit


TIME Time like efflorescence, are specks of memories that dot our life. It is not a mere reflection of ageing cells or a scalar quantity defining the fourth dimension, it is for us to hold on, value and cherish. We can sail away, once in a while, in a moment or in a warp that oscillates between the past and the future. It energizes our present, wakes us up from the sleep that tends to wrap amnesia over senses during our travel, each day. Ticking away time machines can stop, when we wish them to, letting the bionic speckles of spams that intervene time, heal us. I believe, our hearts can arrest the flow of time, to let it slow down or move fast as per our wishes. There could be times when it hurts. When gross sorrows outweigh the happiness of a moment but during those times, we need to scrape out the efflorescent residues of memories embedded in time to balance or tilt the scales. Time, like true friends, eternal love and blissful God shall be there with us during times of t


Friendships, Rainy days and Sundays Jpkallikkal©2017 Friends are forever, so are friendships that last a lifetime. Trust, Affection, Love and Respect are four pillars on which friendships rest. I have had innumerable friends since my early years. Many faces that came, connected and melted away with time. What is friendship? I guess for each age, friendship has a different meaning. Kindergarten and nursery has friends who are for play. Little bonds that the instant, immediate and centered around games and play. In loses friends are lost and in wins new hearts are won. Teenage and youth bring changes beyond one’s comprehension. One develops liking for unlikeliest faces and a tendency to connect with like minded leaders or followers set pace to striking friendships. Tastes, hobbies, skills, ideologies, social and economic status could determine friendships with exceptions that could have a biological or chemical deviation when looks, styles and mannerisms tilt conditions.

Home Coming

HOME COMING Do you wait for someone in your life to come and change the way you look at yourself? Do you find yourself changed after their visit? Do you have guests? People today are losing the sense of time. Chronometers may display digitized images of numbers or signs and minds may be seized of an urgency reflecting lack of it though! There is no time! To be departing before arrival may sound cryptic but it is exactly what is happening to people around. There is a general lack of interest in a place, person or event which is supposed to be focus point and the person arriving or taking it up is more engrossed with what he is supposed to be doing next after the task in hand gets over. Three decades ago when a close friend who had settled in Paris remarked, ‘Relatives or Friends are supposed to take appointments to visit each other’ there, I did not believe him. Rather, I was flabbergasted. Today, I realize the same is happening to everyone around me. Athithi Devo Bh

Life and Death: Universal Connect

Life and Death ©jpkallikkal I have often thought and pondered over a simple connection we make with people, places and events that leave us connected forever. Some believe it is destiny while others term it ‘Karma’ or actions that shape our future.  Is it the present or the past that determines our life or death? The life movie De Javu  We often come across instances that seem to us to have happened before. It could be people who you seem to have met before, it could be places that you are visiting for the first time in this life but seem to be so familiar or events that seem to have happened before. In those times, you are compelled to stretch your imagination back into time, scratching our heads to figure out when it could have happened? The theory of Entropy suggests that the forces of the Universe tend to get more disordered with passage of time. It also means that time moves forward. According to Steven Carlip of the University of California at Davis, Uni