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Economic Survey 2018 Highlights and concerns

Economic Survey  2018 (Highlights and concerns) 1. Large increase in registered indirect and direct taxpayers.   Dilly dallying rate of taxes according to whims and fancies of respective industries has in actuality lead to much less collections than anticipated. 2. Formal non-agricultural payroll much greater than believed. Indian agriculture reeling under reduction in net land area under staple crop cultivation, farmer suicides and adverse weather conditions leading to huge losses has majority of farm labour which is casual and unregistered. Instead of focusing on agricultural payroll the term has been twisted to non-agricultural payroll! 3. States' prosperity positively correlated with their international and inter-state trade. Focus has always been capital investments on larger states. Obviously the dividends reaped by such states on account of central investment is bound to reap returns. We should be talking of equitable distribution of wealth among smaller s