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Lost in Capital

  Delhi used to be a shining hub of Music, Culture and Art Festivals till a few decades ago.   Un-regulated growth, pollution and negativity is today gnawing up the very roots. Owing to altered security scenario and priorities, Delhi has transformed from being a cultural paradise in the past to a painful reminder of what decay would mean to a creative mind.   The name Delhi evokes different responses in the minds of people from all over the globe.   For some it is today one of the most populous and polluted capitals in the world.   Yet, Delhi used to be a clean and green city that was the hub of music, culture and art celebrations till a few decades ago.   Its carefully manicured heart, sprawled with green vistas and fruit bearing trees, found mention amongst the best cities in the world. Hailing from an agrarian backdrop in Palakkad, Kerala, destiny brought me to Delhi in my early years. Transgressing the borders of time and stuck deep in a quagmire of professional compulsions

What awaits us in 2021?

  Covid 19 has shattered our beliefs and altered the way we view our life. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, ‘A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic, it will compliment the other tools we have, not replace them’.   Which means in the near future we are back to a state of uncertainty, in terms of complete immunity from the virus. The year 2020 has already spelled doom to many individuals, businesses and economies.   It has been a year of depression for stock market and people who reposed their faith in science.   Never in the history of human evolution did such confusion arise out a strain of virus potent enough to spread so quickly and kill at will.   Medical fraternity has been on its edge trying to cope with the pandemic that has spread all over globe at such a quick pace. While front line health workers have been stretched beyond limits, hospitals have certainly been overwhelmed with cases that have spilled out beyond earmarked capacities.   Covid-19

Hybrid Film Festival

  Hybrid Film Festivals #IFFI2020 Films convey stories from most diverse geographical regions.   They become a fine tool that tide over geographical and language boundaries to portray events and voice out significant aspects of human endeavor and culture.    Film Festivals thus turn into a vital link that bridges distances and touch core aspects of human mind processes and emotions.     Each year a number of film festivals are held across the world.   However this year, Covid 19 pandemic has drastically altered the way Film screenings and festivals are going to be conducted around the world this year and years to come till fears arising out of spread of novel covid 19 and other mutant viruses are put to rest. Hybrid literally means a mix and in terms of Film Festival being termed Hybrid, it would in reality mean a mix of real theatre screening with an admixture of digital virtual screenings of movies and discussions thereof.   Today technology has empowered us to virtually cross

Story of our Loom

  Today is National Handloom Da y.   Swadeshi   Movement was launched on this very day i.e.   7 th  August, 1905 . Handloom reflects the glorious traditions of Indian Textile Industry and an era of self reliance in the area of garment production and fashion.   History is replete with instances of Indian textiles occupying high demand within Indian borders and far across the oceans. Handloom is also a significant source of livelihood which holds capacity to empower artisans associated with the profession.   It is estimated that 70% of all handloom weavers and allied workers in India are women.   However, being a household activity and entrenched in rural backgrounds, imperfect and often cheap imitations through power looms and illegal inroads through mills have brought this sector into a state of slow decay and death. I belong to Kerala and hail from the district of Palakkad. For several centuries handloom weaves from the Villages of Kollengode, Chittoor, Devangapuram, Kallanchira, Ne

Covid 19 - Boycott of Chinese Products

Covid 19 Saga – III Boycott of Chinese Products The stand off between India and China has now brought us face to face with a reality of India having to take a hard stance on the rhetoric of ‘Boycott Chinese products’.   While an analysis of on the ground reaction and related economic fallout is a complex theme in itself.   A primary look into the investment pattern of China in India through its own companies or Indian subsidiaries throws up important statistics. While it goes without saying the China has been slowly and steadily increasing investments all around the world, In India it has stealthily forged strategic alliances to make a build up despite tight monitoring and control.   If we go by figures quoted by prominent institutions in respect of Chinese investments in India Sectors it could be see the following: No. Sector % of Investment 1 Automobile Industry 40% 2 Metallurgical Industry 17/% 3

A tipsy tale

Why are you drinking? Asked society So that I may forget, replied the tippler Forget what? Inquired the society Forget that I am ashamed, confessed the tippler Ashamed of what? Ashamed of failing to fetch an e-token! Corona besides casting its web on business and industry has also de-railed the survival plans of society.   The section that is now a harassed lot is the drinking community.   Each state in India is locked down and the systematic closure of shops and establishments has also resulted in closure of liquor vends.   Whether it is beer, wine or IMFL, entire chain of stores have been closed down for over a month.   No reasons have been assigned for such a closure. State Governments that are already pushed to the edge, making arrangements for C19 evacuation and rescue plans for its citizens are finding themselves further starved of revenue accruing out of sale of liquor.   States such as Kerala that heavily rely on the liquor earnings to fund their bu
Obituary "There was a misconception that the film (Bobby) was made to launch me as an actor. The film was actually made to pay the debts of Mera Naam Joker. Dad wanted to make a teenage love story and he did not have money to cast Rajesh Khanna in the film” – Rishi Kapoor The above statement speaks volumes about this great actor and an icon who won hearts through his handsome looks and charming smile.   Bobby for me was a film that initiated me into Hindi Films.   I went on to follow Rishi Kapoor through his films.   While his contemporaries like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bacchan, Vinod Kumar were making it big in Hindi Film Industry, Rishi Kapoor silently spread his love across masses. I followed this great star through his films Rafoo Chakkar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Khel Khel mein and Hum Kisi se kam naheen, Kabhi Kabhi, Doosra Aadmi, Karz and many other movies.   His presence in screen was magnetic and so was his way of dressing.   I was so inspired by his styl

COVID-2019: Part II Youth as Health Volunteers

 © Jaya Prakash Kallikkal 2020 A fear seems to spreading all around in the wake of massive spread of Novel Corona Virus 19.   Just a while ago, I received a message on my mobile phone stating that classes in colleges in Delhi have been suspended till further orders in view of the CORONA Virus scare.   This alert not just confused me but also brought out an immediate question in my mind as to whether we are adequately prepared in terms of pandemic mitigation and relief if the virus wrecks havoc in the city in the coming days! India has not been able to insulate itself from the spread of the virus which originated in Wuhan, China and the virus has now spread to multitudes of cities in this country.   Despite strict measures in terms of screening of airlines passengers arriving from Virus infected countries, N-Corona virus has seeped into life of Indians and poses a huge threat to the Indian Health system. Pressure on health sector especially PHCs, Local hospitals ap

COVID-2019 Part I - Indian Consumer and markets

While India grapples with ways and plans to contain spread of novel   corona nvirus that is spreading as wildfire across the globe, immediate casualty besides human health seems to be business and commerce.   While airports across important business hubs witness lesser footfalls, many have closed down due to fears of a wider spread.    The strains of the virus were first detected in Wuhan, China towards New Year Eve, 2019 has in three months has spread to more than 70 countries across the globe. Figures of casualties and attempts are containing further spread is being tried out by governments with a slew of measures involving health care, diplomatic interventions and information campaigns, we can take   bit of relief from the fact that deaths are being reported in 3% cases and rest 97% are reportedly recovering with quarantine.   Though no immediate relief in the form of vaccine is expected, human populations need to rest their hopes on personal immunity and nature based i

Do you Pine for...

DO YOU PINE FOR…. Do you pine for ….. A place, a person, a moment A tangible object, an intangible feeling! A long walk could be as exhilarating and liberating as a session of serene serenade on the beach of the sea or a session of yoga on a mat. No I am not going to talk of exercise or a work out. I write this after my toe stepped on an innocuous looking object while on a morning walk yesterday. New Delhi is chilly and hazy in winters and seeps into a tormenting pattern of summers soon afterwards. However a few weeks of bliss engulfs the city spliced between these two extremes, the Spring! Long walk across expansive grass turf is bliss in such a season. If the esplanade is dotted with pine trees still better. Shade giving and aromatic, these trees with their distinct foliage provides the much needed succor to a mentally depressed city dweller during times of stress. Belonging to genus Pinus, Pines are conifer trees that has more than 126 species found across the