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                                                                       REUNION   The other day my wife broached upon the subject of school re-unions.   She said, hers is likely to happen on the New Year eve 2024. ‘Great Idea’!, I said. ‘But this time it is going to be with spouse, I mean you have to join me’, she retorted ‘With Me?   Naa... I am not interested to meet your classmates!   Neither would they be’, I muttered. ‘No, no, you should attend this one, my friends would be happy to meet you’, she said.   ‘Let me think it over’, I replied. Social media, especially watsapp, facebook, Instagram have added a new dimension to human connections.   A decade ago few schools and colleges had alumini meets but rarely did entire bunch of classmates or batchmates decided to meet up to relive old times through re-unions so frequently as now.   While human brains seek reassurance and bonding in social terms, studies indicate that social connections and support forms a critical s