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COVID-2019: Part II Youth as Health Volunteers

 © Jaya Prakash Kallikkal 2020 A fear seems to spreading all around in the wake of massive spread of Novel Corona Virus 19.   Just a while ago, I received a message on my mobile phone stating that classes in colleges in Delhi have been suspended till further orders in view of the CORONA Virus scare.   This alert not just confused me but also brought out an immediate question in my mind as to whether we are adequately prepared in terms of pandemic mitigation and relief if the virus wrecks havoc in the city in the coming days! India has not been able to insulate itself from the spread of the virus which originated in Wuhan, China and the virus has now spread to multitudes of cities in this country.   Despite strict measures in terms of screening of airlines passengers arriving from Virus infected countries, N-Corona virus has seeped into life of Indians and poses a huge threat to the Indian Health system. Pressure on health sector especially PHCs, Local hospitals ap

COVID-2019 Part I - Indian Consumer and markets

While India grapples with ways and plans to contain spread of novel   corona nvirus that is spreading as wildfire across the globe, immediate casualty besides human health seems to be business and commerce.   While airports across important business hubs witness lesser footfalls, many have closed down due to fears of a wider spread.    The strains of the virus were first detected in Wuhan, China towards New Year Eve, 2019 has in three months has spread to more than 70 countries across the globe. Figures of casualties and attempts are containing further spread is being tried out by governments with a slew of measures involving health care, diplomatic interventions and information campaigns, we can take   bit of relief from the fact that deaths are being reported in 3% cases and rest 97% are reportedly recovering with quarantine.   Though no immediate relief in the form of vaccine is expected, human populations need to rest their hopes on personal immunity and nature based i