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Festival of letters


Festival of Letters

Festival is a celebration that is inclusive and brings about a sense of joy in participation, sharing and dwelling among a large confluence of like-minded individuals in a community.  Festival of letters focuses on literature and significantly brings together a large gathering of celebrated writers, poets and experts excelling in the world of literature..

Sahitya Akademi once again hosts Festival of letters at Rabindra Bhawan in New Delhi between 11th and 16th March, 2024.  Expected to be largest literature festival in the world, featuring more than 1100 writers representing more than 175 languages, this year the festival is envisaged to have more than 190 sessions where discussions, deliberations will be initiated encompassing a wide gamut of themes and activities revolving around the world of writing and literature.

Some of the themes slated for the first day of the festival include Yuva Sahiti – Short story readings, Poetry, The Mirror of Soul, Why Do I Write?, Multilingual poetry reading etc. The second day of the festival dwells on themes such as What Literature Means to Me?, The Idea of India, Translation in a Multilingual, Multi cultural Society (this session is chaired by Alok Bhalla and has eminent writer, poet, translator Ms.Bina Biswas).  Other themes are The Future of Poetry, Importance of Mother tongues, Tribal Poets’ Meet etc. Day 03 of the festival i.e.13th March, 2024 has LGBTQ Poets’ Meet, 21st Century Indian Writing in English, Novels of Future, Authors, Publishers and Copyright issues, What Freedom means to Me?, Literature and Social Movements etc. Day 04 dwells on topics such as Books to Reels & Reels to Book: Interplay of Cinema & Literature, Writing: Passion or Profession?, Playwriting in India, Creativity boosting Education, Folk  tales of India.  Similarly, rest of the days too have a large number of immersive topics that would be brain stormed and discussed amongst the Masters, teachers, students and public interested in Literature.

The festival arena set up in Rabindra Bhawan has stalls displaying books from Sahitya Akademi which are for sale.  The venue also has number of enclosures named Valmiki Sabhagar, Ved Vyasa Sabhagar, Mirabai Sabhagar, Kabir Sabhagar,  Tulsidas Sabhagar, La led Sabhagar, Sankaradeva Sabhagar, Narsi Mehta Sabhagar etc  where panel discussions, poetry/story reading sessions etc. will be conducted.  Programmes are also listed in Meghdoot open air theatre and Kamani Auditorium, where Sahitya Akademi 2023 Award winners will be felicitated.

This year apart from writers from other languages, E. V. Ramakrishnan, an eminent writer, critic and translator in Malayalam/English born in 1949, hailing from Kannur, Kerala is being awarded for Malayala Novelinte Deshakalangal,  a work of exceptional literary criticism in Malalayam which traces the evolution of Malayalam novel from its origin in the late 19th Century to the early 21st century through the Nationalist, Progressive and Post Modernist phases of evolution in time.

Jpkallikkal/2024/New Delhi

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Festival of letters

 #sahityaakademi Festival of Letters Festival is a celebration that is inclusive and brings about a sense of joy in participation, sharing...