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All Alone

That day I was in a room closed Left alone to watch the movements outside my world A world Noisy, active and wild My heart leaped out leaving behind my body My spirit drifted away from me trying to catch the action Outside Then a ruffle I was back to my own Self Still sitting by the window All alone.


Fashion as a word has derived from the Latin word ‘facere’ that means “to make.” This exclusive word has today transgressed the boundaries of space, geographical barriers, languages and cultures. It is said, ‘Whatever is favored at a given time by those who are regarded as up-to-date is fashion’. But there is no denying the fact that it is a language universally experienced not just by the youth but acknowledged across all age brackets. If the stone-age man dressed up in tree barks and leaves, the trend changed and the crude garments of pre-history paved way to structured styles of the ancient times. The solemn styles of the Middle ages now transformed into exotic and fanciful fashion trends. The rapid changes due to globalization, advanced technology, market studies and communication are affecting the way our society perceives fashion and uses it. It has been established that design belongs to a transient moment in history dwelling upon a continuous socio-cultural and economic e

Touch of the Countryside

Touch of the Countryside - Coyalmannam Kerala has always been a big draw with tourists from around the globe. In fact it is one of the most favored state tourist destinations in India. A geographic piece of land said to have been carved out of the axe of ‘Parashurama’ this God’s own country has the capacity to charge a tired soul wishing for a ‘time out’ from the din and noise of a big city. ‘Coyalmannam’is one such distinct destination located in the district of Palakkad. About 14 kms away from the city, this ‘granary of the south’ is still abound with vast stretches of paddy fields edged with coconut plantations. The name ‘Coyalmannam’ literally translates into ‘a place where Lord Krishna walked slowly holding his flute’, no wonder ‘Coyalmannam’ has its very own ‘Maruthur Krishna temple’ revered for its spiritual ethos etched in the sands of time. A serene and ambient locale, the place is replete with signs of rich religious and cultural heritage. Azhakath Shiva Temple, Vadakun