Monday, September 17, 2018

Keralicious - Delicious

Authentic naadan chicken curry with mouth watering Malabar parotta is a delightful indulgence of a gourmet seeking bliss in Kerala food outside Kerala. 

New Delhi/NCR despite its huge Malayalee population has always missed out an eating joint that could serve that perfect  blend of authentic cuisine. Keralicious is a new venture in the business of serving authentic kerala style cuisine in NCR today. 

Compact and cozy, the eatery at Gurugram has surprise in store for anyone seeking instant Nirvana in typically malayalee food spread. 

Located at Supermart I, Gurugram Phase IV, Keralicious has its linkages with Zomato and local food delivery service operators. Price has been kept low to enable foodies to feast on an extensive fare which can also be ordered online too.

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