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Festival of letters

 #sahityaakademi Festival of Letters Festival is a celebration that is inclusive and brings about a sense of joy in participation, sharing and dwelling among a large confluence of like-minded individuals in a community.   Festival of letters focuses on literature and significantly brings together a large gathering of celebrated writers, poets and experts excelling in the world of literature.. Sahitya Akademi once again hosts Festival of letters at Rabindra Bhawan in New Delhi between 11 th and 16 th March, 2024.   Expected to be largest literature festival in the world, featuring more than 1100 writers representing more than 175 languages, this year the festival is envisaged to have more than 190 sessions where discussions, deliberations will be initiated encompassing a wide gamut of themes and activities revolving around the world of writing and literature. Some of the themes slated for the first day of the festival include Yuva Sahiti – Short story readings, Poetry, The Mirro