Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Stranger in the mirror


I wonder if you ever imagined sharing stories with strangers of destiny!

No? On ,A train Journey? It would have been an incredible stranger.  No. Not a train Journey. I was talking of a Life Journey. A journey, when each individual, who matters to you, wishes to open up a path before you. A path you think never exists!  A train journey is a moment; A life journey into eternity.

An eternity to dream your fantasies, feel your heart beats and breathe life. You may be living in a finite world yet your thoughts take you through a virtual journey. The words that the stranger whispers, just wafts over and takes flight. They sometimes crawl, sometimes run, sometimes stop but they do sail long distances.

You know what? I always wished, I could share stories with unknown people. How naïve I was. I thought no one would understand my story. So, I started listening to their stories. I heard them for years and found their stories were same as my story but the plot was different every time. So was theme, the actors, the settings but each stranger had a story to tell. Story of their journeys
What is life? An incredible mix of surreal happenings interspersed with the karma of the present and bhagya or destiny that your future holds?  I would rather say life is like meeting that stranger on a highway, depends whether you give him a lift or just speed away your way.

Each moment can be turned into a profound experience or they can be suppressed to happen the way they are happening. Let them keep happening but you need to steer them to a certain extent onto a chosen direction. Each day can be a story of your struggle, achievement or failure but giving a personal fillip to your actions can make your story slightly different from what you perceive and realize.

What the stranger whispers could be what your heart echoes too!
But you need to travel. The incredibility of the stranger would dawn upon you once your heart gets the answers. Answers to the riddle called life. So let a new Journey begin. You will soon realize the stranger of destiny is your reflection in the mirror that knows your heart better than what your face sees on it.

Today, I looked up myself in the mirror but was surprised to see a stranger smiling at me.

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