Thursday, January 14, 2021





Life is cryptic. Each circumstance threads out into multiple situations. Some sense it as opportunities for self-benefit for others it ends up in inaction. Human relationships can be complex layers of emotions bundled into behavioral patterns reflected from time to time. Moods, responses and reactions are prone to changes, degrees of which differ from person to person. On one end of the spectrum is hyper sensitivity and on the other end of it cold, frozen inertia.
God destines us to come in contact with souls who through their fortitude endure our actions that could be little known to us. It implies that people without their conscious knowledge can be a cause of hurt or harm to others or they can be an everlasting source of wisdom and happiness too.

Sentiments, ego and reactions interweave our thoughts, gestures and attitude. However the faith reposed on us by another person is required to take on the test of time and situations before being cut bare open to introspection.  Each soul is a fresh whiff of breeze. There is always a greeting and welcome on their arrival or a sting of sadness in their goodbyes. Some leave our garden scented with their cheer yet some others leave a trail of agony and sorrow for us to endure.
Each slap of wind is a memory; each gap of silence is a cry, each moment of knowing a longing and in each moment of good bye you belong.  You would turn a stranger today. While the gush of winds blow in more rains with ferocity. Somewhere distant, I hear a silent sob. I wonder if it is your silence that seethes in pain or my thoughts that reverberates it back.

Of course, I do care.  I know the wind can never be unknown to me or the rain drops. Neither the Earth, that breaks away from under my feet today that would erase your memories.
It would only be the adios which shall remain an unsung song.

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