Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Like freedom, happiness is a reality that entwines with the breath we take in and love we receive and spread out all around us" jpkallikkal©2017

Like freedom, happiness is a reality that entwines with the breath we take in and love we receive and spread out all around us" jpkallikkal©2017

Thirty years ago, fresh out of college, three friends that included me thought of options to move on in life. We were advised that Down Under, Australia, was the country we should migrate to in order to give shape to our dreams and aspirations.  Visa rules provided by Australian High Commission revealed that all three of us totalled up exactly the same points that made us eligible to opt for migration to Australia.  However permanent migration was the exact term used for such a move. While my friends immediately chose to migrate, I opted against it.  I chose to remain in the arms of my motherland, India, as I could not think of changing my economic or social status at the cost of changing my Nationality.

I am happy, I did. I am free in a country that holds capacity to change the way the world thinks. My heart is free to touch the soil where I took birth. It has not just my Karma bhoomi but a dharma bhoomi that lets me steer my people to a destiny that shall purely be ours despite all the challenges and struggles we encounter each day.

70 years of Independence has brought about huge change in mindset, standards and levels of understanding within and outside of us. Yet with each passing day, I witness the spirit of my Matru bhoomi (Motheland) needs to take on challenges facing us with higher levels of passion, dedication and introspection. I feel freedom is a notion that has capacity to transform into reality, if our minds as prisoners of desires chaining us to narrow territories of comfort, greed and possessions can be set free.

We shall be truly free if we can breathe in air of affection and breathe out love that encompasses and kisses each of our fellow nationals and others across the world. We shall be truly independent, if we can steer the course of history in the present and transform ourselves into a nation that is trusted, respected and loved for its spirit, character and energy. We are a vibrant nation and we are living in times that offer opportunities that need to be lapped up with perseverance, dedication and sincerity.
The air we breathe, the path we tread and destiny that we seek are indicators of an Independent nation that holds capacity to change life in and around us. Each step taken by us, as individual citizens of this great country shall impact the world in ways more than we can imagine.

I took a vow thirty years back, as our country did, 70 years ago, to be part of a great culture that shall shine  Independent and free. A nation that spreads love, compassion and brotherhood amongst fellow citizens and all across the globe.

Indian to the core, I once again promise and vouch to spread love, respect and compassion each day I live and breathe.  I believe, Peace is the mantra for success. Harmony is the key word for growth and Joy is to be able to watch smiles on faces of others.   As dew drops drip down free from leaves deep in a forest, we, with our free flowing ideas, hold power to be part of history that shall witness this country touch greater heights of pride, power and prestige.

I received a Watsapp message and a call from a friend who migrated many years ago to wish me a Happy Independence Day.  All he said was, I follow your feeds and fb posts, you seem happy. I replied, Like freedom, happiness is a reality that entwines with the breath we take and love we receive and spread all around us.   

Long live India

Jai Hind

jpkallikkal/15 August 2017©2017

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