Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Do you believe in destiny

Do you know your destiny?
By J. P. kallikkal

India is a land of mystery.  If mysticism and religion developed here over a period of many centuries, pseudo-sciences too developed in various rural pockets independently.   The practice of Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology also developed and branched out with the passage of time.  However, Astrology, which dwells into the realms of human life through a peep into the planetary and heavenly dispositions flourished through intricate following and studies.

The predictions of astrologers have been viewed with awe.  Businessmen, politicians and people from every walk of life are influenced by predictions.   To find out what future holds for us is of course an issue, which could delight anyhow, especially if a gains are expected.  Therefore newspapers, magazines, TV channels all keep a section or time for this in their schedules and publications. However major thrust is given to horoscope and birth chart when advises are given.  To make matters simple this is simplified into a set of Zodiac or birth-signs, which seek to predict the future through the position of Planets and stars.  Horoscope is thus a chart which displays the birth or natal chart of a person. prepared keeping in mind the effect of heavenly bodies in his life during the time of his birth.

Astrologers basing their logic that sun passes through the twelve constellations of the zodiac during the course of a year have divided up a calendar year into twelve sections, which have come to be accepted as the zodiac signs.  Whereas each House represent and reflect a constellation, some planets rule more than one constellation and are believed to have strong or a weak influence on a person's life. The signs of the zodiac are also supposed to bear a relation to the human body parts and also the elements viz. Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The zodiac, are also named on the names of animals.  Some people are said to be born on a ‘cusp’ or a ‘point’, signifying that he has been born at a time when the sun sign was changing from one to the next.  Thus he bears the characters to two adjacent zodiac signs.

Atheists and non-believers regard Astrology as a non-science and superstition.  However a significant section of population in each country are big believers of astrology and related forms of pseudo-sciences.

Though spirits, occult, magic and astrology has been part of every civilization the anxiety of knowing the future made many persons dwell deeper into this field of study and practice.  Though all major religions including the Hinduism have in some way give a nod to astrology because it rationalizes the logic that irrespective of what is foretold ‘what will be will be’.  However, Hinduism also places its logic of life on one’s ‘Karma’ or deeds of the previous birth and relies on astrology to also alter the course of events through series of vedic rituals.

Astrology has been traced back to many civilizations including Greek, Indian, Egyptian and Chinese.  However, Horoscopes and charts have today embedded themselves into the psyche of individuals all around the globe.  Computerization and use of electronic aids have added up to the scope of practice and use of this practice not only to predict the future but also for many social ceremonies including naming, match making etc.

A horoscope basically consists of three sections i.e. The Zodiac, The House and The Planet.  Astrologers include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun and the Moon amongst the Planets.  Each planet interestingly also depicts and represents unique characteristics and traits.  Though many forms of fortune telling and future prophecies are relied upon depending upon the geographic and knowledge bases, the mainstay of Astrology across the globe is the Horoscope.  In India Horoscope is relied heavily upon for many matters of life.  These very behavior patterns are used by astrologers and fortune-tellers to co-relate with the personality of individuals and thus predict their lives.  A typically prepared horoscope enables an astrologer to decipher various patterns of character predictions.  These include the nature, health, wealth, luck and other factors or significantly the twelve House in the Horoscope are also believed to reflect twelve important factors in a human being life which include:- Health, Personality, Ideals, Family, Parents, Career, Travel, Possessions, Marriage, Children, Diseases and Death. 

So, if you wish to have a road map of the future, a horoscope might just come handy and perhaps show you a glimpse of that path, to your destiny!

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