Thursday, November 26, 2009

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  1. Mystery of Life

    Life is Chemistry
    Dilute your concerns
    Evaporate your worries
    Sublimate your anger
    Filter your thoughts
    Light up the fires
    of passion and
    Crystals of love
    in pure form
    as residue!

    Life is Biology
    Symbiotic relationships
    Osmosis of energies
    Through mitosis and meiosis
    Genetically encapsulate
    the mystery and
    Procreate life!

    Life is History
    Every day
    new events
    Show up
    at sunrise
    And sets on you
    With sleep

    Life is a mystery
    No mix of Chemistry, Biology
    or History
    Can really increase your joys;
    diminish your miseries or
    take you out from a fix

    So take Life
    As it comes
    But don’t take it
    Lying down
    Rise up and face it -
    This mystery shall
    Transform, into History.


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